Why is the pH of a Cleanser so Important?

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Have you heard the phrase: "skin's acid mantle"? To give you a sense of pH ranges, 7 is considered neutral. A product's pH which is over 7 is considered alkaline which negatively affects the skin's health.   Our skin has an average pH of 4.7 which is our healthy acidic level.  (Men's skin tends to be slightly more acidic).  Yes, our skin likes to maintain that "acid mantle"!

 Most cold processed soaps and liquid shower gels have pH values of over 8!  What does this mean?  These are alkaline (all soaps are by virtue of their chemistry) and disrupt the "acid mantle" of our skin.  Not desirable!  High pH (alkaline) levels contribute to eczema and dry, tight, cracked, irritated skin. Soaps or high pH cleansers can be harmful when used repeatedly.  The best cleansers should have pH values in the 4.5 to 5.5 range to be compatible with our skin.

Our pH Balanced Cleansing Shower Bar is in that healthy pH range of 5 to 5.25. Our Facial Cleansers are in the ranges of 4.7 to 5.5--again, in the healthy range. 

Notice we don't call our Shower Bar a Shower Soap?  That's because, although it has the shape of a soap bar it is not a cold processed soap.  "Soap" must be saponified and therefore has an alkaline pH value generally over 8.  Some hover in the 10 range.  Our skin simply doesn't like that!

We're so excited to bring back our pH Balanced Cleansing Shower Bar~~better than ever!  You know how we don't like to brag about "free from" claims, however knowing that people are shying away from SLS, we thought you'd like to know that neither our Cleansers nor Balanced Shower Bar contain SLS. Our Facial Cleansers and Shower Bar are full of skin-loving goodies like luxurious Marula and other good quality oils, Goat Milk Powder (only in the Silky Milky Facial Cleanser), Panthenol, Kokum Butter, soothing Oat Protein and so much more.  The cleansing agents are so gentle (but thorough) and the lather is copious and velvety for the Shower Bar.  Your skin will heartily thank you!


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