Why We Are Different, Our Philosophy & Some FAQ's

Charlette in France

Hello and Welcome! 

My name is Charlette, my near and dear simply call me Char. 

About 12 years ago...I ran out of a serum I purchased from my dermatologist.  I spent almost $100 on that serum and it lasted only 45 days.  At this rate, just this ONE skincare treatment would cost about $800 per year!  I asked myself if the serum was truly worth the price tag. 

At about this same time, I traveled to southern France while visiting my relatives and became enamored of the area's skincare companies. Well before it became popular in the States, they were using the wealth of ingredients available in their natural environment! I toured some smaller artisanal companies as well as larger well-established companies.  It was heavenly and inspiration was sparked!   

This led to an obsession and my passion for skincare chemistry was born!  After much study in skincare chemistry and years of formulating, people said:  "You should start your own company."  I took their good advice!

Char's Effectives Philosophy is Simple

  • Create and develop Effective skincare products made with premium, quality, and mostly natural ingredients. 
  • Offer products to you at down-to-earth prices.
  • No marketing gimmicks.  Period.
  • Be the skincare company that informs you and cares about your results.

Char's Effectives Skincare Products and Benefits to You

I had troubled skin in the past costing me a small fortune to obtain skincare products--many with disappointing results. It became clear to me that many skincare products were not only unreasonably expensive...but also, didn't deserve their hype!  Many were simply not effective.

So why choose Char's Effectives?  We meticulously choose ingredients that are present for a purpose. We don't load up on useless fillers or cheap ingredients. Nor do we sprinkle ingredients just for "label appeal".  Our formulas are painstakingly crafted with highly Effective ingredients.

A Word about Informing You

A  website developer told me that our Product Pages are too long with too much information.  Hmmm...I disagree!  Our philosophy is to provide you with as much information as possible.  Our reason?  An informed person makes wise decisions!  

Our Pricing Philosophy

Our products are only offered on our website.  We don't engage third-party distributors (Amazon, etc ) or retail outlets--because we would need to increase our prices substantially if we did so.  Each third party takes their cut, and, well, hiking prices to be on more sites isn't the way we'd like our brand to grow. This way we can continue to provide the best quality to you at the most reasonable prices. 

Our prices are not pumped up so that we can run artificial "sales".  When we have a sale--it's a real sale. 

We count on your satisfaction and spreading the word about us. Our growth has been amazing because of you

 A Word About Natural, "Free From" Claims and Marketing Gimmicks

The current rage is all about "Natural", "Organic", and "Free From" claims in the skincare industry.  There are a lot of poorly worded marketing gimmicks in this whole arena.  We're simply not about gimmicks. 

We strive to use mostly natural ingredients.  Many of the ingredients we use are ECOCert and NaTrue.

We do not use ingredients such as SLS, Ethanol Alcohol, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, or Parabens.  Not only because of the bad press-- but because other ingredients work much better.  So why use inferior, cheap ingredients? No way! 

We also would never, ever test on animals nor source any ingredients that would involve animal cruelty. 

Rather than going on about what we Don't have in our products, we believe in honestly informing you of what wonderful ingredients we DO have in our products!  Isn't that better than a phony "Free-From" halo?  

A Word About Preservatives

We do not use Parabens. We do use safe and proper preservatives recognized by respected skincare chemists and safe industry standards. Many are EcoCert approved.

There is so much misinformation about preservatives on the internet.  ALL skincare products containing even tiny amounts of water must be properly preserved to provide safe skincare with a normal shelf life.  

 We Care!

While we're an "online store" and we can't see you face-to-face, our goal is to make you feel like you've opened the door into our store with a warm  "Welcome"! 

We're not "edgy". We believe in personalized service no matter how big our company grows.  Sometimes a customer will let us know about an allergy or a particular skin concern or have specific questions. We encourage you to ask via  Info@charseffectives.com.  We'll answer you swiftly! 

We also welcome suggestions and ideas!  Sometimes that is how we develop new products.  You inspire new ideas when we see a need! 

Every customer is treated with respect and great care.  We always want you to feel as special as you are!

A Word about Packaging

Your orders are carefully packaged like a gift.  We hope every package is a delight to receive!  We use biodegradable shipping materials (mostly recycled paper or biodegradable packing peanuts), however, sometimes we sparingly must use a little bubble wrap to protect your products in transit. 

We wish skincare products could be filled in biodegradable containers, but, as of yet, these haven't been perfected!  We ask that our eco-conscientious customers recycle emptied containers.  We use recycling services for all of our lab material waste. 

About Thanking You, Our Wonderful Customer (the most important part of our philosophy!)

We are delighted that you choose Char's Effectives to be your "Go To" brand for serious skincare!  We are dedicated to working very hard to continue to deserve your patronage. 


My personal "idea" lab where I brainstorm and create our formulas!


Char in her personal lab where she creates new formulas