Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Here are answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions.  We will add to these as we become inspired by our Customers to do so!

Why are your Product Page Descriptions so Detailed (and long!)?

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible about each product. We think that thorough descriptions help people make informed decisions about their skincare.  This leads to happy customers and fewer disappointments! We're not about a quick sale.  We'd rather have customers feel confident and knowledgeable about their skincare choices, and the best way to accomplish this-- is with detailed information!

    What happens to a Returned Product?

    We are happy to say that returns are rare events!  Unlike clothing and other goods, returned skincare products are not resold!  We do not resell any returned product. We discard all returned products.

      Why is scent added to some products?

      Adding scent to products is a balancing decision!  Some have allergies or sensitivities to added essential or fragrance oils.  On the other hand...the truth is:  many skincare ingredients simply don't smell nice!  Some are medicinal or even unpleasant.  While we try to minimize the use of scent, we'd rather people use the product rather than not because of an off-putting medicinal smell!

      For our sensitive-skin customers, we offer a choice of an Unscented Option for many of our products. 

      We use natural Hydrosols (waters) in some products as the compromise solution to offset medicinal smells. Even sensitive skin types tolerate hydrosols well and are not bothered by them!

      On wash-off products (cleansers), a fragrance is less of an issue, even for sensitive skin.  When we use an essential or fragrance oil, it is always natural and phthalate-free.  

       Why are there preservatives in skincare products?

      This is a big topic (we should probably write a blog about this!).  When a skincare product contains even small amounts of water, a preservative is required to produce a safe product with a long shelf life—no compromising on safety! 

      When did preservatives earn such a bad rap?  It all began with the paraben controversy. Now, other preservatives are targeted, such as formaldehyde-releasing preservatives.  Even the stalwart, Phenoxyethanol, is now on the radar as some people have sensitivities to it. 

      Skincare ingredient companies are constantly working to improve and innovate preservatives!  However, many of the newer preservatives are simply not strong enough to make skincare products perfectly safe and have a normal shelf life.  Some preservatives are finicky and incompatible with different types of ingredients.

      We have tried and tested a multitude of preservatives for efficacy and safety. Many of the preservatives we use are EcoCert, Natrue, and/or Cosmos approved. We've narrowed down a few that are excellent and when compatible with the ingredients in a formula, we use these. This is an evolving science! 

      Are your products all-natural?

      Most ingredients we use are natural, and many are ECOCert.  When there is an effective ingredient, we always look for the natural choice.  However, some ingredients are better improved by a laboratory-- also known as biosynthesis (such as some peptides).

      Natural is wonderful and is our preferred alternative.  We have an entire skincare collection devoted to  Bakuchiol, the effective and natural alternative to Retinol.  We use natural carrier oils and unique Botanical Extracts such as Snow Mushroom, Green Tea, Centella Asiatica, Licorice, Aloe, and so many more--all with incredible, unique skincare benefits.  Nature provides us with a wealth of valuable ingredients for quality skincare!  There is an abundance of Effective natural ingredients we love, and use these as much as possible!

      Are your products cruelty-free?

      In one word: Yes.  We would never, ever even consider cruelty to animals.  Period.

        Are your products Vegan?

        The Majority of our products are Vegan.  A few products are not.  Some natural ingredients such as goat milk powder and honey powder are excellent for skin care.  We make a note on each product description page indicating whether a product is or isn't vegan. 

          Why do you use primarily dark blue or opaque containers?

          Many skincare ingredients keep their integrity when protected from light and heat.  Sensitive ingredients such as Vitamin C and different oils retain a longer shelf life and maximum efficacy when bottled in dark or opaque containers.
          We would love to bottle many of our serums in beautiful clear bottles--after all, it's prettier to look at!  While clear bottles and jars can be more attractive, the integrity of the formulas can be easily compromised if exposed to light and heat.  We can control one of those factors--exposure to light. You can prevent the other factor--heat -- by keeping your skincare products away from prolonged exposure to direct, hot sunlight and heat sources (too near heat registers). 

            Why are some of your containers jars, some are bottles with pumps, and others are "airless" containers?

            Most products are in containers with treatment pumps or airless pump systems that preserve the integrity of the ingredients, extend shelf life, and provide sanitary conditions. 
            Some products are simply too thick to be dispensed by a treatment pump or an airless system and can only be offered in a jar.  The dilemma is most home tap water is not purified and can introduce bacteria if allowed into a product. Also dipping fingers into a jar can introduce bacteria. This is why we always stress using clean, dry fingers to preserve the integrity of the product. We also provide a mini spoon or spatula to aid in scooping the product out without dipping in with wet fingers.  Even a little tap water introduced can spoil a product over time, so a little extra care can prevent this from occurring!