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Bakuchiol a Natural Alternative to Retinol--Mother Earth's Gift to Skincare

Acne fighting Anti- aging antimicrobial Bakuchiol Bakuchiol Collection Bakuchiol Moisturizer Bakuchiol Serum Natural Natural Retinol Alternative Retinol like Serum

What is Bakuchiol, this wonderful, exciting ingredient with serious science behind it?  A potent antioxidant, age-defying, great for acne & problem skin is just the beginning of Mother Nature's Gift to Skincare!

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Skincare Application Confusion? Let's Simplify This!

skin care ritual

I realize that skincare companies speak about cleansers, water-based or oil-based serums, moisturizers, night treatments, day treatments, sun screens, masks, exfoliators, OH MY! We've heard the terms: "Skincare Regimen" and "Skincare Routine".  Sounds so serious and boring, doesn't it?  Just the word "Regimen" connotes "strict discipline"!  Well, we think skincare should be seriously effective, but it should also be a fun pampering ritual we allow ourselves!  We'll take care of the "serious" aspects, so you can enjoy the "fun" aspects!  So, let's dispense with the word "Regimen"!  I like to call it our "Rituals". 

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Let's Talk about Facial Cleansers! What makes a good facial cleanser?

Cleansers pH Balance

Let's Talk about Facial Cleansers!  What makes a good facial cleanser?

The purpose of facial cleansing is to gently remove the day's accumulated soil and makeup and to help shed dead skin cells.  All skin types benefit from what I call the "Clean Palette".  Properly cleansed skin is then ready to receive the wonderful benefits of your toners, serums, and moisturizers.  However, cleansing your face should never mean stripping, insulting, or depleting your skin of moisture!

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Ingredient Focus of the Week: White Tea Extract! Find out why It's in most of our skincare products!

Antioxidant Green Tea White Tea Extract

White Tea?  Don’t you Mean Green Tea?

Many of you have heard of the skincare benefits of Green Tea Extract, so why are you talking about White Tea Extract, you may be asking?  Great question!  Green Tea  and White Tea come from the same plant: Camellia Sinensis.  So, why would it make any difference to choose White Tea over Green Tea?  Well, let’s talk about that!

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The Ingredient Focus of the Week: The Actual Scary Required Ingredient List!

Ingredient List Explained Ingredient Lists

Almost all of us have had this experience!  "What the heck did I just buy?" It's the question you ask yourself-- especially as you try to read The Scary Required  Ingredient List!  What IS Camellia Sinensis Extract?  Or Ubiquinone? Or Punica Granatum Seed Oil?  Not so scary when interpreted in plain English! 


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