The European Union's new Guidelines about "Free From" Claims, and Our Philosophy

We're sure that as you have researched skin care products while considering your purchases, you often come across all of those "Free From" claims.  "Free From Parabens", "Free From Silicones",  "Free From Mineral Oil", "Free From Petrolatum", "Formaldehyde Free", "Cruelty Free",  "Free of Allergens, Hypoallergenic" and on and on and on...

These "Free From" claims have gone to incredible lengths and are sometimes misleading.  I even saw a "Free From" claim which professed to be "Free From Chemicals".  Oh my goodness! Huh?? How can this be?  As even water and air have chemical compositions!!  The "Free From" claims have devolved into the ridiculous!  Even the European Union (EU) has recognized this and has prompted their new regulations. These provide new guidelines to the personal skin care and cosmetic industry this past summer (EU no 655/2013) which were updated in July, 2017 and were given 2 years to comply (which was this past July).

These new regs cover everything from the silly to the ridiculous "Free From" Claims which abound all over the industry.  Some companies were claiming they are "Free From" chemicals which have long been outlawed--as if impugning that other companies still offer products with these prohibited ingredients (such as hydroquinone in the EU).  On the other side of the spectrum stating that your product is "Free From Silicone" suggests that companies that DO include silicones, which are legal and approved ingredients, are bad.  Silicones are not banned, therefore to say your product is "Free From" an ingredient that is perfectly legal is now frowned upon. These guidelines are really for stemming the tide of ludicrous advertising claims to the public.

So, what do we do at Char's Effective Skin Care?  You may have noticed that we've always refrained from the "Free From" band wagon craze.  There are some ingredients we simply do not include in our products.  We do not use Parabens, nor Alcohol, nor SLS, nor Mineral Oil, nor Petrolatum in our products.  We simply don't include these in our products because we believe other ingredients are better performing, or as, in the case of alcohol, we just don't like what it does for skin! 

And, of course we would never test products on animals!  Why would we ever do that when we use safe, clean ingredients?  There just wouldn't even be a need to do such a horrible thing!  But, to brag about this?  It's just not our style.

We'll always strive to have clean ingredients, the highest quality, and we'll include ingredients in safe and meaningful concentrations.  When we produce a Bakuchiol product or a serum with Matrixyl 3000, we're not going to add a stingy 1% just to claim we have that ingredient in our products.  Our pledge is in the name of our company "Effective".

As you can probably tell, we find the "Free From" craze a bit overdone, silly and say the least!

We do not brag about what we are "Free From".  Rather...

Here is what Char's Effectives does: We simply describe what we DO include in our products rather than what we exclude!  Instead of the pretentiousness that many companies express--we'll just let you know what wonderful goodness we do include in our products and let you decide that these are good for you because they work well for you! 

We'll leave the phony halos and gimmicks to others...

As always, Warmest regards!


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