"Mask-ne". A New Term in this Covid-19 Era


 The wearing of masks for work and safety is becoming more the norm today...and it's wrecking havoc with our skin!  So much so that a new term is starting to emerge: "Mask-ne"!  Breakouts and dry skin. Ugh!  As if we don't have enough on our plates!  Here are a few pointers:

I call this the "goldilocks" of mask choices. Make sure the fit is snug-but not too tight. If it's too lose, or tight you'll be constantly fussing with it (which spreads germs and irritates your skin).  Choose breathable cotton or the daily disposable masks.

Wash your mask daily!  Have a few so that you're not tempted to reuse the same mask a few days in a row.  Be sure to change your daily disposable masks.  This is not only a good sanitary practice, but less harmful to your skin.

I know we love our makeup--but when wearing a mask--try to avoid using heavy foundations (or limit use to oil-free foundation).  Some people are loving not wearing foundation every day!  I think:  make up your eyes extra special!!

If your work requires you to wear a mask for longer than 3 hours at a time--try to take 10 minute breaks and remove your mask--preferably in the fresh outdoors air!  It's good for your demeanor too!  If you can take the time-- rinse your face with lukewarm or cool water, pat dry, and apply a hyaluronic based serum before wearing your mask again.

Avoid heavy creams during mask wearing time--but DO hydrate your skin with hyaluronic based serums or light gelled moisturizers (such as one of our Aqueous moisturizers).

Avoid strong skincare treatment products during the time you're wearing masks.  Apply your AHA's and Salicylic products at bed time. 

Do apply lip balms! Longterm mask wearing can cause chapped lips (as my nurse sister can attest to!).

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser in the morning and at night!  Also, after mask removal--gently cleanse.  Rinse with lukewarm to cool water.  Refresh your skin!! Apply your hyaluronic based serum and the rest of your skincare ritual when you know you can be mask-free for a while.  "Aaah".  Freedom!

Much of this is common sense, however, mask wearing is new to most of us!  Practicing simple, healthy hygiene and hydration (not heavy oils) while wearing masks  is the best way to avoid skin issues now known as "Mask-ne"!


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