Ingredient Focus of the Week: White Tea Extract! Find out why It's in most of our skincare products!

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White Tea?  Don’t you Mean Green Tea?

Many of you have heard of the skincare benefits of Green Tea Extract, so why are you talking about White Tea Extract, you may be asking?  Great question!  Green Tea  and White Tea come from the same plant: Camellia Sinensis.  So, why would it make any difference to choose White Tea over Green Tea?  Well, let’s talk about that!

Green Tea Extract has immense benefits for not only those who drink the tea, but for those who apply skincare products containing it.  So, why would we change a great thing?  Because, White Tea Extract has everything Green Tea has, but more!  More?

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Let's go over what Green Tea's benefits are.  It's one of the best natural antioxidants for skin care. OK, a little science.  Antioxidants are those agents which counteract the effects of oxidant radicals (aka: free radicals we all hear about).  These free radicals cause all kinds of damage to our skin.  Antioxidants bind to those free radicals and tackle them (our skin's linebackers for you football fans!) to deactivate them before they can cause harm! 

Green Tea has a large concentration of polyphenols (a type of bioflavonoid) known as Epigallocatechin (glad to know that's shortened to EGCG!) which are powerful antioxidants focused on anti aging, anti- inflammatory, anti-bacterial.  Lots of "Anti's".  Isn't it GREAT that all of these "anti's" turn into positives for our skin?  It's a fabulous ingredient for all skin types. There are even some clinical studies on Green Tea's possible benefits to protect the skin from sun induced skin cancer (these are studies--nothing conclusive so please, please don't even think of omitting your sunscreen!).

Ok.  So back to the original question:  Why would we want to use White Tea over Green Tea?  Ok.  They come from the same plant.  But!  White Tea is less processed than Green Tea.  What does this mean?  White Tea retains even more of all of the above described awesome goodies for our skin than Green Tea!  That means White Tea rocks even more than Green Tea!!  It's benefits are amped up because they weren't processed out to begin with!  I know, I know...take it down Charlette...but I get so excited over this science!  And of course, I love bringing all of this cool science into our awesome skincare products which are EFFECTIVE!  (I know, a shameless plug, but, it's true!)  

We have SO many products with White Tea!  It's hard to name these all--almost all of our 'leave on' products: Moisturizers and Serums, have White Tea in them.  We've made the change from using Green Tea to White Tea about two months ago and are updating all of our labels to reflect the changes. Our Age Defying Night Cream with White Tea and Pomegranate Extracts, and Age Defying "AHHH" Cream with White Tea have especially large concentrations of White Tea.

We think you will absolutely love the benefits of White Tea even more than Green Tea--and--now you know why!!

Until next time with Warmest Regards!  


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