The Ingredient Focus of the Week: The Actual Scary Required Ingredient List!

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Did you ever wander into a high-end beauty and skincare shop?  Beautiful aisles filled with millions of bottles! The music is pulsing, the aisles are endless, the colorful array of bottles, pretty little boxes and samples are beautifully displayed. Out of the corner of your eye you spot a scary-overly-but-perfectly-made-up-sales associate.  You also spot a pretty bottle with a pretty label which beckons to you.  Hmm... it looks promising ...your eyes dart to where the scary-overly-made-up sales-lady was...uh,oh!  She's making a beeline towards you! She's ready to pounce, and now she's into her sales pitch "oh, you've picked out one of our most popular serums!  It's THE one beauty experts are all talking about..."  You try not to make eye contact , but you heard the buzz words: "popular"  "THE one"  "Beauty Experts".  You mumble "thank you" trying to be polite; and because all you want to do is get away from her, you go straight to the checkout counter, and plunk down your $90.  Now, you're home and you pull out the bottle from its pretty packaging, and then you look at the Scary Required "Ingredient List".  It's a Latin or Greek college major's dream... but not yours.  Now, you ask yourself  "What the heck did I just buy?"  I spent $90 bucks on this--it better perform miracles!  Hmmm...

Almost all of us have had this experience!  "What the heck did I just buy?" is the question you ask yourself especially as you try to read The Scary Required  Ingredient List.  What IS Camellia Sinensis Extract?  You look it up.  Oh, it's Green Tea Extract!  What IS Ubiquinone?  Oh, it's CoQ10!  And, Punica Granatum Seed Oil? Oh, that's Pomegranate oil! When interpreted--it's not so scary anymore!

Of course reputable skincare products MUST include the entire required Scary Required Ingredient List. But when it is interpreted--it becomes a little less scary.  That's why we, at Char's Effectives, always describe the important ingredients inside each of our products--in plain English.  We explain these in each of our product descriptions; or, if the list is extra long we make a separate list titled "Effective Ingredients".

Each important ingredient also has a purpose for being included in the product--so we go an extra step by letting you know what these 'bring to the party'.  Does the ingredient bring soothing properties?  Aid in anti-aging?  Is it considered an Antioxidant?  Nourish? Help smooth out lines?  Help to temporarily shrink pores? Aid in exfoliation?  Help reduce breakouts? What is the intended purpose for each important ingredient?  Does it help whatever issues you are looking to correct? Or does it help attain a certain outcome you wish to achieve?

Our hope is that by going that extra mile to demystify the Scary Required Ingredient List, you'll feel more confident in your skin care product selections. After all, the more informed you are, the better choices you'll make!  While chemistry is awesome (we certainly like it!)--we don't want you to have a chemistry degree to feel confident buying a cleanser, serum, moisturizer or mask! 

Also, we promise, we won't charge exorbitant prices ($90?? For a serum? Is this made of gold? Really?) for quality skincare products loaded with Effective ingredients!  And, of course, that Scary overly-but-perfectly-made-up-sales-lady won't be making a beeline towards you either.

Until next time!  Cheers!


Char's Effectives is committed to revealing the loveliest you!

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